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Chris Likes to Nap When He Doesn't Feel Well
So before he goes and takes a nap, Chris will do this. Chris would to thank his mother for giving him the same name that every parent gave their child between 1974 an 1980.

Chris likes to bicycle around town and I don't do that because I don't think it's very safe.

Chris likes to be isolated and thinks that he is his true self, or at least closer or to his true self, when he is by himself.

Lorelai is honest with Rory and tells ther that Chris likes to avoid conflict.

Chris likes to help people help themselves and get on the right track because healthy living is the best way to go

Chris is the only guest we have ever had that has consumed 16 bags of potato chips in one sitting.

A huge Yanni fan, Chris likes to sit at the creek on a warm sunny day and relax to the distant sounds of the passing gulls and sea birds.

Chris likes to think he was hired at Grist because of his wit, charm, and good looks, but in reality it was his Bricolage-based content management experience

Chris likes to say no to drugs except when Andy wants some then of course it`s perfectly OK His favourite fabric is Cheryl

So, somehow Chris likes to be super quiet and disappear lately... No more sweet false German messages?

Chris likes to be involved in cub scouts

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