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The Dark and Scarecrows  
I have always been afraid of the dark. Now, I'm 35 and I have night-lights plugged in all over my house. I just hate the dark.  I can remember when I was a kid and just pleading to leave the lights on when I went to bed. And should the power go out? Forget it. I'm in a heap of trouble. Scary movies do not help much and I mostly avoid them. A few years ago at a Happyrobot writer's group brouhaha in Raleigh, Tim! reminded me of a horrific movie from the 80s that I evidently repressed until he mentioned it again at that meeting. It's called "Dark Night of the Scarecrow" (I remember the title as "The Scarecrow Stalks at Midnight" which is an even awesomer title if you ask me!) The reason why I was probably allowed to watch it was that it was a made-for-TV-movie but it is quite possibly the scariest movie ever made. Mentally handicapped adult male hanging out with a little girl? Check. Girl gets mauled by dog? Check. Weird postal worker thinks handicap guy mauled her? Check.  Mom makes adult son hide in a scarecrow? Check. Postal guy and his cronies unload multiple firearms into scarecrow? Check.  Dead scarescrow exacts his revenge in various heinous ways. Check!

This is a good write-up which also celebrates the release of this movie on DVD (oh goodie). Another good descript is the Wikipedia entry. Read at your own risk. Watch with the lights on.

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