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foodies - the official rant  
i spent the last half hour writing up bad reviews on the citysearch site for restaurants around the triangle. there seems to be a plethera of bad restaurants around here. and people don't seem to mind.

i'm reminded of a funny thing "palaver" once wrote and he said that people confuse GOOD coffee with STRONG coffee (meaning people think that just because it's strong means it's good. now, whether this was a plot started by starbuck's , i don't know. all i know is that i haven't been able to get a good cup of coffee since 1998). around here people seem to confuse GOOD food with GETTING SERVED IN A RESTAURANT TYPE PLACE MAKES IT OKAY TO SERVE CRAP.

i'm pretty well-versed in cooking. i am not a chef but i can tell the difference between good and bad ingredients. i can tell if my food was reheated 10 min. after i sat down. i don't expect 5 dollar take-out menu to be extraordinary. i do expect a $30 dollar dinner to be decent and edible.

one of the restaurants that citysearch lists is called "elmos diner". craig and i went there once because people wouldn't stop talking about it. i got chicken and dumplings and it was CANNED CHICKEN. g-ross. another big hitter is a chinese restaurant that everyone raves about saying the food is soooo good and it's soooo cheap. first of all: hi - chinese take-out? is it ever more than 5 bucks anywhere? second of all, we ordered two different dishes - chicken&broccoli and beef stir-fry - and they were both the same. the chicken didn't have any broccoli in it. neither did the beef. i don't know what was in it. but it wasn't even remotely good.

so my plea to you is: boycott places that don't serve good food. i don't care about the service...i don't even care if the place is clean...i've completely given up on those two factors. i just freakin' want consistently good food. that's why we go to restaurants. if i want crap, i'll cook at home.

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