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coming to a theatre near you in 2020  
if i were to ever become a famous movie director, i have a list in my head of classic scenes that would HAVE to be in my movie. here they are:

1. a scene where the main female lead runs from a car to house in a drenching, pouring rainfall and uses a newspaper to cover her head.

2. a "transformation" scene where our hero or heroine gets transformed from ugly ducking to super cool hot hottie. This transformation somehow includes a brand-new wardrobe even though they only make minimum wage at the record shoppe. this can take place at a fancy salon or perhaps, a gay person's house because they're in the fashion "know".

3. a scene where the constantly disapproving dad finally approves of the main character's choice of career or hairstyle or lifestyle or life-mate. the dad grabs the person really tightly and says "i've always been proud of you" and he says "son" if it's a guy and just says the name of the girl if it's his daughter. usually the mother has tears in her eyes since she knew all along that the dad loved the kid.

4. main character walks into a bodega and unwraps a twinkie and eats it or walks into a bar and begins pouring drinks or goes to best buy and turns up all the display stereos really loud and it turns out that the owner and/or workers in these places are the main character's best friend/parent/sibling/grandparent/ or curmudgeonly old person that has befriended them ever since they got caught shoplifting all those years ago.

5. the main character realizes too late that they love someone and that someone is on their way to yemen or something and the main character has to drive like a mad person to the airport (this is pre-9/11, mind you) and they leave their car in the fire zone and run through the airport and get to the terminal JUST as the door to the flight closes and the main character either sits down dejectedly or stands and stares at the flight pulling away from the stairs. BUT THEN…the love their life taps them on the shoulder or says something clever like "are you going to check that bag, sir?" and main character turns around and they embrace and kiss and everyone applauds.

6. (this one was just developed when i went to nashville as julie is immuno-suppressed and if we were in a nuclear fall-out situation she informed me and william that we are welcome to nosh on her first since she'll be dying without her meds. cheery, huh?) so the gang of friends are left to their own devices after the world collapses and the best, friendliest one of them has just died (and no, they do NOT eat her) and the friends can either go to the secret government hiding place or go to the dangerous, war torn city where they can access the mainframe computer and turn back on the world (it's a very holey plot, I know). so anyway, the preppy, bossy guy "leader" of the friends says "we're going to the shelter" and starts walking away and the mousy, polite, nerdy girl says "trent, if you think karla's death is all going to be for nothing, you've got it wrong. i'm going to go and turn back on the damn computer – now you're either with me or against me!" and they all go with mousy girl and save the world. in the end she and trent get married.

i have a ton more. i just can't think of them right now.

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