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the big meet & greet of tim, nate and lisa  
yahoo! i finally got to meet nate and tim! what fun! nate and his gal had a perfectly wonderful party saturday night, part-birthday party, part - come check out our new digs. Nate and traci's new home is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous and they have beautiful senses of style and decorating taste. i was instantly ready to move in. traci is sweet and kind and didn't even make fun of me when i walked in and said "hi, i'm a friend of nate's but i've never met him - can you tell me who he is?" har har. craig and i were led to the backyard to meet the great nate and i'm happy to report that he is tall, handsome, funny and a superb superb storyteller. on top of all that, he offered us genny cream ale and really, could you go wrong with a guy like that?

imagine my excitement when nate mentioned that tim! would be showing up. and show up he did in all his super cool splendor. when i first walked outside i smelled delish clove cigs and thought "hmmm...I'll have to saddle up to the person right quick and bum a cig" and then lo and behold - it was my dear friend tim! and he was kind enough to share clove cigs all evening. he brought his lovely friend sarah (it may or may not be with an "h"). much like a 6th grade birthday party, the second tim! left to get another drink i asked sarah "are you two dating?". sorry tim! i'm a pest. (no, they're not dating, she has a boyfriend, thanks for asking.)

lots of stories were shared (for some reason i went through my entire new orleans story repertoire sorry, guys) drinks were drunk, delectable party food was devoured, TWO kinds of birthday cake were inhaled and it was just grand. it was really wonderful to finally meet the both of you and hope to share pig wind pipe, bullet hole and tequila binge stories with you again real soon!

pointing and talking and laughing and pointing

lap dances for everyone!


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