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meet my neighbors  
while i hardly know any of their names, i love them all just the same (side note: i was giving people nicknames a l-o-n-g time before stupid "friends" had ugly naked guy and stuff like that. does anyone remember napkin guy in wilmington? the boy ate napkins like they were fritos! anyone remember goiter man? he got it removed!)

hot karl or HK: this is our german neighbor. he lived next to us in one building, then moved to another building and then we moved next to him. if he moves back to germany we may follow him. anyway, besides being hot, his name has more vulgar beginnings stemming from an email with dirty little icons in it and one certain act was called "a hot karl". our HK drives big old caddies and town cars since he can't get them in germany. oh, and his license plate says "karl 02". i love that.

hello guy: this is a guy at the lake where i walk who says "hell-oooooooooo". not like the seinfeld "hell-ooooo" but somewhat the same. it cracks me up.

hot dad that runs with kid in jogging stroller: self-explanatory

the man that looks like hitler: i'm sorry, the little square mustache under your nose is just NOT a good look.

couple with black dog: he wears headphones and doesn't say hi, but she does say hi; dog has some sort of double-jointed front feet that make them kinda flappy and cute.

whistling lady: whistles like a freakin' canary. drives a camaro and parks in a handicap spot.

running club: three guys that run everyday and stand around for 10 minutes deciding what running route they'll do because apparently, the three mile loop is too boring. they concoct plans like "run to the 2 mile mark, turn around and run counter clockwise to the 1 mile mark and then take the nature trail back". it's very amusing.

hot dog guy: this guy walks two dachshunds (which my dog happens to love and i always envision her carrying one off in her jaws to play with). hot dog guy never says hi and is a bit prancy. one day he wore incredibly small running shorts and when i reached down to pet one of the dachshunds, i kinda felt like i was petting his wiener.

old hippy running man: beard like santa claus, headband like bjorn borg, boobs like pamela lee and too-teenie shorts. ick.

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