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who god loves best

so i'm sick. sick with a cold that feels like something kicking me in the head and throat repeatedly. which reminds me of something...

often when i am sick, i will meet girls. it's a little unavoidable; girls are people and people will be met. but when i'm sick (and i mean really sick), some sort of pheronome alarm goes off. i guess it does anyway.

ok-- so you'd think, "oh god, don't meet me now. this is a terrible first impression. my best foot is not forward." but au contraire. something in the sickness weaves a little dreamy spell over these poor damsels. they like me more than they would if i were hale and hearty!

One, i am very submissive when weak. some girls like this, because they can throw me around and sit on me and do stuff that i would be too weak to protest (like i would). these are the secret bully girls and god loves each one of them very much. Two, the pity bell rings and some girls just wanna take off their clothes and wrap you up in femininity until the fever subsides. god loves these girls too, just differently. i have a knack of making a cold seem worse than some people (but not as bad as it really is-- colds suck). so i can evoke naked pity probably a little better than most.

proving that god loves me most of all.

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