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The District

This is where I work. This where I will be living soon enough. I feel like I haven't draw a good enough picture. I feel as if I've neglected setting.

Washington DC is paradise to me

Its not because it is the grand old seat/ of precious freedom and democracy no no no

I buy coffee where G.Stephanopolous buys his juice. I work in the same building as N.Gingrich and 'Big Mama' Lynne Cheney. One day, I hope to get in the elevator with Lynne and tap my toe three times, look up from the floor and say," So, 's Mary still gay?"

It's not the way the springtime makes you feel/ It's not the people doing something real no no no

This city is beautiful in spring. Saturday, I strolled right into a giant protest for religious freedom outside of the Vietnamese embassy. Once, I saw a huge motorcade zooming down Florida St. at night. I'm pretty sure it was GWB and friends. However I may feel about him, it is still a little moving at a gut level.

Journalists and politicos. Lobbyists and baseball players (finally). Our NBA team won a great game last night. Pretty sure Tim Russert was there.

Keep your gaudy talentless celebrities. DC stars have Masters degrees. NYC has MTV, we have CSPAN. Which makes me really proud to live here.

The city is mess. The people are pretentious in that hyper-educated way. Our poor are a little poorer than they should be. We have no real government of our own. Our license plates read "Taxation Without Representation." Which I love.

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