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Remember those days when Billy drew the Family Circus?

Well, this is like that, except this time Billy is an even better artist and it is actually damn funny. Its a rainy day and I don't feel much like thinking anything up, so I'm going to borrow, with permission, a story recently related to me by the beautiful and talented Sarita. Drumroll, please (and, oh yes, happy birthday Stu, may the wind be at your back and... the, uh, sails in the wind, or maybe, ur, no... oh just happy birthday, man):

"I went to the dentist yesterday and I'm not sure, but
I think he was hitting on me. It was so strange. He
was young, good looking, hygenist, not the actual
dentist and while he's cleaning my teeth he's making
small talk about Annapolis and sailing or whatever and
then he asks if I'm seeing anyone. Now, disregarding
the absolute inpropriety of a doctor flirting with a
patient, what made it worse was the string of drool
hanging off my chin the entire time and a vacuum tube
sucking saliva and chunks of tarter our of my
slack-jawed mouth. The conversation went something
like this:

Dentist: I don't see a ring, you aren't married?
Me: oughluh
Dentist: You must have a boyfriend here though right?
Me: uhgklah
Dentist: I don't believe it! A pretty girl like you?
Ok, just spit right here into this cup.

At which point I muttered something about moving soon
and he said "Oh, I guess we've missed our window" and
sort of winked at me. Now, he was a very
gregarious-type guy and its entirely possible that he
was just joking around and being friendly and if he
was a 70 year old man, thats how I would have taken
it, but he was more like a 35ish year old man, so I'm
not sure what to do with that."

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