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Everything That Happens to Me Is Interesting

Alec just wrote the opposite as some sort of rule, something like "not everything that happens to you is interesting." I politely disagree.

An example.

Yesterday, I was petting this dog. Boring, right? But no, this dog, well I guess I was doing something right because s/he began to walk away, motioning with her head for me to follow. I had the distinct impression s/he (I didn't check, though that would have been interesting too) could talk, but was having one of those days. The dog lead behind my townhouse community, through a hidden hobo village, over a hollow log and into a drainpipe that leaked drip drip over and over, little stream of light pointing here and there like little spotlights on a (quite unexpected and interesting) gathering of squirrels. It was amazing. A little squirrel version of a Weimar Germany cabaret. Dancing, singing, fermented berries drunk from empty acorn caps. Sadly, it didn't last long as my dog-friend couldn't help her/himself and began chasing the squirrels all over. It was pretty raucus.

Another example.

This man I saw at the library, well, he's a pirate/spy. I just know it. One day, I'll prove it.

This kind of thing happens to me on a daily basis. I have no doubt that this kind of thing happens to all of us on a daily basis. See! Everything is interesting. I have proof. I just provided documentation!

I think what would have been closer to true is that not everything you (especially me) say is interesting. Too true.

shrug. That's what dogs and strangers are for.

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