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Meeting an Ex-Flame in the Supermarket Aisle

God, it's so strange to see you again, after all these years. How long ago was it, when I left you that morning, walking on air? I had no idea you had other plans, no idea that you were packing in your head, already gone, by afternoon, not a trace. Where'd you go? What'd you do with the ring, I wonder?

Looking at you now, on the grocery store floor, a half-dozen cereal boxes open and scattered around you, I imagine you either sold it or lost it. You look a mess sweetheart. Do you even know who I am anymore? It's been some time, but my God! - we had named our children. Remember? Here, let me get that for you... is that a spider ring? Nice plastic. Classic black.

Funny how the anger fades, isn't it? Seems like a hundred years ago. I wanted to hunt you down; I thought you'd been taken from me, kidnapped. It took weeks for me to accept that you'd just left, that you might have not been as happy as I was. Here, get off the floor. Up. Let's get you cleaned up. Do you live near here? It's ok. I'm not mad. Not anymore. Not for years. Just tell me where you live...

We'll get you home. Everthing's gonna be just fine. I just can't believe I found you, after all this time. Do you want this Kleenex? We'll just leave it here then...

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