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Leaky Emails (a sloppy attempt at a proper Washington blog)

Gosh, despite all the pleasure it would give me to tear Karl Rove a new one (especially after he cockblocked me at the Washingtonian's Dupont Balck and White Ball & cheated me out of the National Yard Jarts competition held on the glorious National Mall, right in front of the Smithsonian...bastard), but I just can't do it. Not over this.

Look at the facts. People are saying he leaked Valerie Plame's identity as a CIA operative as revenge for Joe Wilson's criticisms of the administration's WMD stance in Africa, thereby enangering her (Plame's) career, life and possibly national security in general. Heavy allegations. However, if you read the soon-to-be famous Matthew Cooper email, it is plain that Rove did not leak Plame's name, as all the wacky liberals keep insisting.

No...Rove leaked that Joe Wilson's wife was a CIA operative.

He never used the name Valerie Plame. He claims he didn't even KNOW her name.

He had no way of knowing that a REPORTER would possibly figure out that Joe Wilson's wife was named Valerie Plame. Who would have guessed? Absurd.

I hate him too, but let's be fair. The poor man is obviously just a victim of the very media he was trying to help out with this useful information. Just like those damn reporters to report what they've been told. Using proper names of course.

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