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Hot Off the Presses (a little pun)

I'm an avid newspaper reader - none of that online crap for me. If you don't have time for a newspaper, you don't have time to live my kind of life.

For instance, today's edition of USA Today features a story on the "fact" that Pinot Noir is very popular ever since that movie 'Sideways.' Wow.

Personally, I can't drink Pinot at all since that movie and its clumsy metaphor about fragile, delicate grapes and all the care that goes into that specific wine. It makes me feel like I'm actually drinking Paul Giametti and that grosses me out.

However, I'd like to thank USA Today for pointing out a 'trend' that I may have forgotten about since I first heard of it eight months ago! One, it is really important to me to know what other people prefer when making my own beverage choices. Two, I cannot help but wonder what tomorrow's 'news' will be. Who won the presidential election, for instance? That is certainly old enough to qualify as news, but is it readable? Or perhaps I can find out whether Mickey Mouse or Levis are are international symbols of all things American!

I am steamed, for no better reason than I know that my anger at something so silly is a sure sign that my life is basically empty. It makes me want to just go home and read old novels. And drink. A lot. Of merlot.

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