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My Opinion

This post was going to be about Harriet Miers and my view on her, but the more I thought of it, the more I decided I didn't want to write that. I don't know this woman at all, am biased by the very media I mistrust so much on other issues. We'll see. For now, I can just say that I think she is terribly unqualified and that she has not given anyone, publicly or privately (that I can tell) one whit of an indication that she has the least bit of interest in Constitutional law. That's all I'm qualified to say.

It's raining and I'm going camping. Had a dream this morning about meeting an old lover at someone else's wedding. She had gotten married herself the previous week. We fell in love again somtime before the ceremony and resolved to be together; she would leave her new husband for me. It would be hard and sad to do this thing, but that was life, wasn't it? Things were too good, too exciting; we couldn't possibly let something like this lie unattended.

After the ceremony, we found ourselves naked in some room and as things progressed further and further, her phone rang and it was her new husband, just calling to say hi, and the entire fantasy was over and we split, her in tears, me shrugging a lot and feeling pale and empty. I saw her the next morning at the big breakfast gathering. It was overcast and there were a bunch of subdued people milling in every corner of the dining room. The clink of coffee cups and orange juice glasses was heartwrenching. She was already packed and ready to go home. She advised that I try the huevos rancheros. Instead, I called the kitchen to find out my options. I was on the phone when some little kids with tennis rackets started making all kinds of noise until I yelled at them to shut the fuck up, right in front of their shocked parents and their disgusting-looking french toast. I woke up with a rasp in my throat, like I may have been yelling in my sleep. The girl in the dream looked just like Kirsten Dunst.

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