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Bored to Rhyme

Sonny's in the back playin' Solitaire,
I'm at the desk killin' time,
Lawd, I'm so tired for the lack of a soul
I feel like I'm fixin' to rhyme.

Last night I had me a woman,
I had her again this morn,
When I get back from work this evenin',
My woman she was gone.

There's peoples on the corner sellin' handbags
There's peoples in the store sellin' guns.
I bought one today on my lunchbreak,
Tonight I will have me some fun.

My family, they're mostly a good lot,
Sometimes they hang on too tight.
I will come see them all Christmas mornin'
And sneak out on Christmas night.

I throw down a second cup o' coffee,
I throw down a little blue pill.
Now my desk don't seem so ugly,
I'll love it till it gives me a thrill.

There's people on TV preachin' hatred,
The internets as crazy as can be.
I'll find my salvation on the corner
Soon as my salvation finds me.

I'm workin' for the landlords and agents,
And salespeople evil as sin.
They don' pay me no fortune to work there
But I only work now and then.

The blues came and got me on Tuesday,
By Wednesday I was fine.
I can't say what happened to change things,
It happens all the time.

My house it is cold and drafty,
It's as loud as the midnight train.
But I can't find no place cheaper
To keep me from out of the rain.

My college they wants back their money
It's money that I can't pay.
They call me and send me letters
They just won't go away.

It's Christmastime down in Virginia
The offices are shuttin' down
Everybody with any sense
Has already long left town.

But me, I am stuck in reception
With no one to look at or greet.
So I write a little song just to please myself
Which, sadly, is complete.

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