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Baby Stew (I write little rhymes at work - I admit it)

Oh gather around me,
A story to hear,
About the Great ole Depression;
I can't remember the year.

Well, the times, they was hard then
And the moneys were few.
We had barely a crop grown,
I knew not what to do.

'Cause my children was hungry
And my wife just got mean,
So I boiled up some water
In my ma's old tureen.

I peeled me an onion
And a tater or two,
And I chopped up my wife
And I made her a stew.

Well, the broth it was thick, boys,
To nourish and feed.
And our bellies got full, boys,
It was more than we'd need.

So I sold all the best parts
To the grocer downtown,
And I took all that money
And I bought me a cow.

But the winter is long, boys,
And my cow, she went went dry.
When the meat had run out,
How the children did cry.

So I peeled another onion
And a tater or two,
And I took out my tureen
And I made baby stew.

Now I wrestled my conscience
Like a milkcow chews cud,
But the tenderest meat, boys,
Is your own flesh and blood.

If'n you don't have no kids, man,
Then you cain't understand
What it is to lose family,
And by your own hand.

And if you don't love children
The way that I do;
Well, bring the family 'round Sunday
And we'll have us a stew.

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