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Bad Habits Make My Decisions For Me

I took on two plants recently, pair of giant ficuses which I promptly named Jackson and Kojo. They are my first plants and I do feel a certain weight of concern and responsibility, lest I be responsible for their deaths. They have been in the house for as long as anyone can remember, predating any of my departed housemates.

I confess; I am ruled by bad habits. I have no exercise regime. The best I do is to walk around my neighborhood, often stopping off for a milkshake. I am reckless with my diet. See the milkshakes. Oh and I have no regular bedtime. I go to sleep somewhere between nine and two - depending on my mood. If I'm not sleeping, I'm smoking. Yes, I still smoke at my age. I take smoke breaks at work, I smoke outside my house, and I smoke tons when I am at the bar. Did I mention the bar? I go there too much. My bartenders know me and refer to me as a "barfly." I drink coffee too much, eight hours a day nonstop.

I want to regulate and ritualize myself some. I can stop any of these habits for awhile when I try, but always find myself wondering what to do with my time. I want ritual times for cooking and cleaning and reading and writing and planning on seeing my friends that I never see and with whom I rarely talk.

I want to keep these trees alive.

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