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Five Years Ago...

a letter, postmarked October 9th, addressed to Sen. Tom Daschle, passed through the Brentwood postal facility in Washington, DC. The return address read "4th Grade, Greendale School, Franklin Park, NJ 08852."

The letter contained anthrax, which was discovered by a Daschle staffer upon opening on October 15. Over 3,000 Capitol Hill employees, predominately white, were tested for anthrax poisoning almost immediately. Health officials came to them in their offices.

Meanwhile, at the Brentwood post office, days passed. Finally, after one of them became ill, over a thousand postal workers, predominately black, were told to go to government offices for testing, miles away from their job. Postal employees Thomas L. Morris, 55, and Joseph P. Curseen, 47, did not make it to the testing. They died, respectively, on October 21 and October 22, of anthrax poisoning.

Five years later, no one has been convicted of this crime. No one has been accused, arrested, or even suspected. I had pretty much forgotten all about the whole thing myself until I read an article in today's newspaper. I suspect the same is true of most people.

I don't even want to talk about Natalee Holloway. Or that guy that killed his preganant wife. Or Anna Nicole Smith. Or anything that has been on the news for the last five years.

I just want to sit and let this story sink into my psyche until it stays there, because I must admit, I didn't pay enough attention the first time around.

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