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Albums of 2007

I bought more new music in 2007 than ever before.  I bought things I had never heard before, because most of the artists I had liked released disappointing records (most disappointing, in order, 1.Rilo Kiley (bad and boring, really unmitigated awfullness) 2. New Porngraphers (not bad, boring) 3. The Rosebuds (not boring, bad) 4. Arcade Fire (I've heard worse, but really a let down).

However, this is about records I liked! 

11. The Shimmys - s/t - girl group garage rock from australia

10. LCD Soundsystem - sound of silver - two unreal songs, other very good songs

9. Caribou - andorra - really neat sounding

8. Matt Pond PA - last light - perfect power pop, slight vocal help from neko case

7. Bonde Do role - with lasers - funk...baile funk, from brazil. best album cover of the year

6. Spoon - ga ga ga ga ga - same spoon groov, with horns! i love horns. worst album title of the year.

5. Meg Baird - dear companion - that girl from espers, saddest record i heard all year

4. Balkan Beat Box - nu med - global party album, most fun you can have alone in a car

3. MIA - kala - i stopped trying to understand the phenomenon and just listened to the music...and it was sooo fun

2. The Clientele - god save the clientele - this is a perfect record in every way, they just get better and better

1. The Avett Brothers - emotionalism - not the best record of the year, but the one i liked (and listened to) the most, to me, this record is like listening to The Beach Boys 'Smiley Smile' with banjos and Piedmont North Carolina accents.  Some songs on this are a little boring, but the ones that aren't are sing-along wonders.

Honorable Mention to Mavis Staples and Les Savy Fav.

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