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Obama Beats White Woman

Last night's debate was very uplifting for me.  Both candidates did very well.  Senator Clinton was very articulate despite being remote-controlled by no less than ten fedreally-indicted financiers and very reserved in that she did not burst into tears, as women do.  Senator Obama articulated with more substance and detail than I would expect from someone hopped up on coke and resisting the urge to rape all the white women.  (I can see the headlines after he wins big on Tuesday: Obama Beats White Woman.

The lowlight was CNN's coverage.  So many celebrities, so much to teach us.  Who knew that Ugly Betty was a Hillary supporter?  Who knew that Josh from West Wing was a real person, just like you and I?  Who knew that Ed Helms was famous?

And Wolf Blitzer...geez.  I have long suspected that his IQ hovers in the high 80s-low 90s.  He certainly has the subtlety of a diaperless chimp.  I am half surpised he didn't start the debate by handing the candidates "Presidential whipping sticks," and telling each that they may use them on the other whenever they felt their positions were being misrepresented.  Or whenever. 

Also, the Edwards factor:  I have come to believe that John Edwards will formally endorse whichever candidate agrees to wear nothing but L.L. Bean Chambray shirts so long as there are poor working families in America.  Somewhere, sleeping on some grate under some bridge, he and Elizabeth and their cute cute children are smiling tonight.

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