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If I Was a Campaign Strategist

First thing I would do is send every possible person except for Biden or Obama on every possible TV radio show and repeatedly and uniformly push the talking point that McCain/Palin are a team of crybabies, I mean whiners the likes of which we have never seen.  I would stress that Barack Obama was smeared left and right (for God's sake, his fist bump with his wife was speculated to be terrorist code on the national news) and he steadily and gracefully stayed the course.  Meanwhile, these funny little Republicans can't stop whining about how awful everyone is treating them.  I would call them 'crybabies' until they start to complain about it and then their crying about being called "crybabies' becomes the story in and of itself. 

This would not raise the tone of the campaign, but I think it's time to get the proverbial knives out.  That's just me.

Secondly, is it possible in this post-9/11 world for a man to join a secessionist political party (the Alaskan Independence Party) and not be put on some sort of government terrorist-watch list?  I would certainly find out.  If Todd Palin is on a terrorist watch list, decry the ineptitude of the War on Terror. Honestly, are they seriously tracking the governor's husband as a terrorist threat? This is exactly what has gone wrong with the Bush-McCain War on Terror.  also, did John McCain really choose a running mate whose husband is on a government watch list?  This is what he calls doing the appropriate research for someone who may be forced to step in a become President?  Explanations need to be offered.

If Todd Palin is not on the list, then someone seriously needs to ask the question of why not?  Because it seems to me that a bunch of rural white secessionists are exactly the same sort of terrorists that killed all those folks in Oklahoma City and if Homeland Security isn't monitoring these folks, just who the hell are they monitoring?

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