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I want a fraternity with a lot of symbolism

The Supremes
You know. I don't understand what Bush is doing with this whole supreme court thing. But. Let's not discuss this here. Let's talk about food.

New Sushi. Yay. BYOB. Yay.
There's this fun little sushi joint on Clinton street in Manhattan named Cube 63. It's tiny, but has a cool menu, friendly folks, and space-age décor. The Cube 63 people just opened another location down the street from us here in Brooklyn and I'm stoked.
Granted, we already have a few sushi places here, but Cube 63 seems to be upping the ante and taking it to that next proverbial step compared to their neighborhood competition (i.e. they actually have tuna belly).

Additionally, they don't have their liquor license yet, so we've been toting our own booze there. Awesome.

I think Stu and Chris really did make it to Milwaukee, but they are pretending that they didn't and it's all a big joke on us.

Bike. Water. Taxi.
Sunday was sunny and warm, although dark clouds loomed on the horizon making you want to enjoy the nice weather as much as possible. We grabbed our bikes and headed towards Manhattan but immediately ran into police who had stopped traffic at the intersection of Jay and Tillary street for the very anti-climatic motorcycle parade that then came through.
(The cops were all nuts and yelling at cars to stop - we assumed it was the president or the mayor or superman... but after a few minutes of patiently waiting and not crossing the crosswalk, we were rewarded with a procession of motorcycles. No real theme to their little parade. Just folks on motorcycles.)

We took the 'new' bike path that they built on the north side of the manhattan bridge (opened last summer), through chinatown and then up the east side. When we got to 34th we came across the dock for the Water Taxi and decided to take it back down to Brooklyn. For $4, it's a fun ride down the east river.

Oh! Spooky!
If you are in NYC, you should stroll by the Met and check out their photo show about "Spirit Photography".
A unique characteristic of photography has always been its ability to record the visible, material world with truth and accuracy. Interestingly, advocates of spiritism at the turn of the last century enlisted photography to provide manifest proof of the immaterial: emanations and auras; thoughts, hallucinations, and dreams; or the spirits of the deceased.

It's wicked fun.
There are double exposures and darkroom tricks all to give the viewer the illusion of capturing the supernatural - all without PhotoShop. Amazing!
(Being ironic. Please don't write me about darkroom tricks as I have spent enough time in darkrooms. While we are talking about PhotoShop, you know what irks me? People who have photos and then add a digital "frame" around them in PhotoShop. The frame is part of the image? Huh? Wha?)

Lens Baby
Apparently, it's all product placement today on the robot journal.
Mrs. Robot, apart from having her documentary on TV last night, is also helping out at the Lensbabies table at some sort of photography trade show this week. Lensbabies is the kookiest little lens that lets you bend the field of focus and gives you all these funky effects. It's like a little bellows system for cameras.
It's very fun to play with.
She brought one home last night and we ran around the house photographing everything with it.
I'll post some examples after I get them *gasp* developed.

Tom is in college
The following are three emails I received a few weeks ago via the happyrobot "contact us!" form from a fellow named Tom Elliot. He had many questions.

I need to know what fraternity to join at my university. I attend Southern Methodist University and my choices of fraternities are Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Delta Theta, Lambda Chi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Chi, and Kappa Alpha. Please help me in this matter. I want a fraternity with a lot of symbollism, and a lot of good links with successful businessmen. Thank you.

I want a really cool website where I can say hello to all my friends from different parts of the state.

I love school for the parties, but I hate doing all the work. What do you think?

woot for ms. robot's doc on TV! Sushi rocks too!
»elananano ||  10/20/2005 ||  9:51:50 AM

Pledge Kap Alph, as they are rife with symbolism--a goat's head painted on the fridge, symbolic spankings, plus it turns out Kappa and Alpha are letters of the greek alphabet, themselves symbolic abstractions for the building blocks of words. And Kappa Alpha are not all hung up on themselves like those high-born a-holes in Pi Kap. And the pres. of the Pita Pocket chain is a founding brother!
»jb ||  10/20/2005 ||  9:54:53 AM
Yay Mrs. Robot!
If it is not too difficult, can I have a copy of your doc, pls?

»pony ||  10/20/2005 ||  10:34:12 AM
that sounded so demanding. I mean, maybe when i am in NYC, we can watch it together!

»pony ||  10/20/2005 ||  10:35:33 AM

Oh, don't do it!
Don't do it!
»victoria ||  10/20/2005 ||  11:57:48 AM
Yeah, those Pi Kaps have no symbolism whatsoever. They're mired directly in this literal objectivist reality with no need for semiotics or metaphor.

On the other side, Phi Delta Theta's all about the meaningless symbolism. It's all Da Da, all the time, especially when they're branding your nipples.
»stu ||  10/20/2005 ||  12:02:35 PM
tri delta - everyone else has...
»karen mac ||  10/20/2005 ||  4:52:28 PM
I've gotta weigh in here...sigma phi epsilon has GOT to be the choice. I had a boyfriend from that frat and man-oh-man was he a jerk. But he never let me forget how much he hooked up his brothers with work.
»eve ||  10/20/2005 ||  5:23:38 PM
Mrs. Robot, congratualtions.! You sound like a really amazing woman. Rich is totally lucky. next time I am in NY maybe we can go out for sushi. (I like unagi)
»eve ||  10/20/2005 ||  5:25:16 PM
thanks everyone!

pony i think your brother-in-law was going to dvr it so you can watch it when you get to town.

and eve, please let us know when you will be in town next. we will make a sushi date.
»spirit mrs. robot ||  10/20/2005 ||  10:04:29 PM

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