So we got to attend the Westminster dog show thing. Lot's of dogs.
Our pal Linda, who got us in, raises Australian Cattle dogs which are fun dogs to play with. They are also quite handsome. Unfortunately, they didn't win, which is a travesty because these dogs are the most fun dogs to wrestle with on the living room floor.

But it was a fun time watching all the dogs, even if they were way too manicured and fluffy. One of those stupid miniature poodles won the Best in Show, though. Anyone know why these dogs are still 'done up' like freaks? They have all these reasons about leaving hair on certain parts to keep joints warm or whatever. I mean, please, do we look that stupid? The tragic thing is that poodles (at least the 'standard' ones) are such clever and smart dogs, but their froo-froo brothers and sisters are ruining their reputation. I didn't make it for the Best in Show part on Tuesday night (see 'Vomit' below), but Linda said there was an obvious lack of enthusiasm when the poodle won.

Great Swiss!
Enough about dumb poodles. Me and the missus have now found another dog we want: the Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs. They look like the Bernese Mountain Dog, but with short hair and a bit taller. Linda said they also had very sweet personalities. I saw some of these dogs in the backstage area, and they are huge. HUGE! So, we'll need more space.

We have also been fans of Pugs, and were delighted to see the winning pug try to go after the damn poodle that won best in show. This happened Monday night during the Best in Class section (or whatever you call that), and all of a sudden we saw the pug lunge at the poodle. Everyone around us saw it, and the pug became the night's hero before the judge eliminated him. Viva Pug!

During the halftime festivities they had the NYPD marching band come out, and then they introduced all these rescue dogs and their handlers who had been working on the 9/11 effort. It was quite moving. and all the dogs seemed very nice.

My other favorites for the 'happyrobot handsome dog award' were the Corgis, the French Bulldog, and this one huge, dark-gray Great Dane.

All in all, it was fun time, and they were all winners. Except for that stupid poodle, and, well, he was actually the winner. But he still is stupid.

not to be gross or anything, but I got really sick Monday night, and I may of broken my own personal vomit record. I mean, statistically, it was pretty amazing. On the other hand it kept Mrs. Robot up all night so that was bad.
Just wanted to share.

Scott sent me this petition. You know, I haven't watched this show at all, but apparently FOX is canceling it because of low ratings. Low ratings? I know many people who love this show... looks like one of the problems is it's constantly pre-empted by American football. Oh well, TV is dumb.

check out this feature on the Columbia Journalism Review website. It's a resource of all the major corporations and what they own. Be sure to check out the AOL/Time Warner one if you want to be spooked.

new writers
we have a few new writers in the works. Our pal Mike will be premiering today or tomorrow. There are two others who have (hint hint) not got around to writing :)

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