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The Sunshine Theatre

Numbers Racket
I eat breakfast with matt every now and then. When you are unemployed, you can afford to have 2-hour breakfasts. We go to this really cheap bagel place near his apartment ($2 gets you a NYT, a bagel, and coffee) and end up just sitting there watching people walk by. There is this funny little posse of old men who hang out there all the time, and matt has observed them enough that he believes that they are 'running numbers'. One guy hangs out there, and then the runner guy keeps coming in and they trade paper and money.

We are thinking, "Hey. We like to hang out here. Maybe we could do this number thing".

Then we realized we had no idea what "running numbers" even means. So, until we learn, I suppose we'll just mind our own business and talk about Star Wars.

(I suggested listing that on my unemployment paperwork... "applied for a numbers job with Johnny on the corner")

The Sunshine Theatre
Have you kids been to that new Sunshine Theatre down on Houston Street? Dang! It is nice. We went the other night to see Monsoon Wedding there... what a fine place to see movies. Comfortable seats, stadium seating, great snacks, friendly staff, and the play all the 'cool' movies.
Kristen, tell mark that he moved out of NYC too early... this may be the best theatre in the history of the world.

The sunshine even commissioned this totally killer-diller poster for their theatre that Daniel Clowes did (the Ghost World guy).

Ghost World is a whole other topic. I left the theatre hating that movie, but now I am not sure if I still hate it. You know, in hindsight. Mainly it was that last scene with the old man getting on the bus that showed up out of nowhere. It set off my cringe meter big time... "oh, what a clever metaphor" I grumbled.
So, my feelings about that movie are still undecided, but I do dig the poster (which I can't find on the internet).

You know, I mentioned Monsoon Wedding in my last post, but let me say again: wonderful. I rarely go to movies because:

1. most movies suck, and suck even more at 10$
2. the crowds at theatres can be a pain

The only recent films I have ventured into see in the past six months have been Monsoon Wedding and Amelie, so I think I am tragically getting my hopes up that all movies are this good.

Oh, I saw Harry Potter, too. That was ok.

Baby Backlash
Is it my imagination, or is there a baby backlash when your friends have babies, and then they only want to hang out with people who have babies of their own? I mean, I totally understand that (we were the same way when we got our cat), but maybe there should be some sort of ceremony or card:

"Bob and Cindy. We have enjoyed being your friends, but the time has come to find new friends, preferably with babies. As much as we enjoyed sitting at cafes and sipping drinks with you, we will be now hanging out at McDonald-Land with other parents."

Speaking of Pregs
Did we all know that our UK Soup Division is "with child"? Congrats Adele! (we assume this had nothing to do with eating one of your soups, correct? )

eek mice
the mice in our walls and floors are driving Sir Scratch-a-lot (aka the cat) crazy. She sits there staring at the floor all the time. I can hear them sometimes... they are scratching away at something. I want to lower a little sign that says, "go into the neighbors apartment. We have a mouse thirsty cat in this one. She's been waiting for you guys for months"

Pug Hill
Let's go!
"Please feel free to stop by Pug Hill and say hello. Pug hill is located by the Alice in Wonderland Statue just north of the sail boat pond. You can usually find about ten to twenty pugs hearding together on a warm, sunny day."
Dude. Pugs rock. I love them. I love them because no one told them that they are little dogs. They totally think they are 80 pound dogs... so feisty!

Ninja, Please
As some of you know, I am totally in love with that ninja ultimate power website. I am almost at the point of shutting down happyrobot and forwarding all my traffic to them. That would be sweet.
They have a guestbook on their site and it's funny. So many people sign it who are idiots and don't get the humor of the whole thing. For instance, "Peaches" writes:
What the hell is wrong with you? Do you have a ninja fetish? You know nothing about ninjas. First of all they do have a code of honor its about self defense. In other words they don't "flip out" on any one unless they are attacked. Second of all why did you waste your life on a website on ninja's when you don't know anything about them except what you've seen in movies. DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU SEE ON TV DICKWEED!!!

I totally need these kind of people to come visit my website.

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