Hello Austin
Sunday I flew to Austin for a conference. My flight left at 5, but from the Islip airport in Long Island because it was a much cheaper ticket via SouthWest. So, this meant that I left the house at one something because I had to be there at 4, and the trip takes 1.5 hours, and it takes about 30 minutes to get to the train station..
blah blah whine whine.
It just took a long time.

Islip is a tiny airport and Southwest likes to do that crazy "no assigned seating" which initially just stunk. Too many people cramming and queuing.

SouthWest on the other hand is a nutty airline and I was treated to a truly entertaining "Do's and Don'ts of flying presentation". The stewardess lady was constantly quipping and joking which made the fact that a large man was next to me snoring seem not so annoying.

Hello Nashville
I arrived in Nashville for my transfer to Austin, but because of the west coast fires my flight for Austin was now leaving after midnight. UGH!
But there was an earlier flight to San Antonio which is only 90 miles away from Austin so I flew there and drove up.
Oh, the point is, I got here at 3-something AM and had to wake up at 6 something for this conference.

Austin conference folks
1. the fat 'weird Al' looking guy
2. blind guy
3. sad looking IRS folks
4. weird Al's normal friend
5. really tall guy

My hotel room
Yea, I mean, there is all this other noteworthy stuff, but my hotel is funny. They ran out of rooms or someshit and ended up sticking me on the fancy top floor where I have to enter a code in the elevator to get to my floor.
It makes me laugh.

It sure is pretty for the most part.

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