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What the world needs now is a think piece about the pandemic
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What the world needs now is a think-piece about the pandemic

This happyrobot website. Started two plus decades ago. On one hand, that is crazy. On the other softer and smoother hand, it's not. Two decades is nothing. So much has changed in two decades, but so little has.
What does it all mean? Why am I pondering?

Here's a few things of note.

Last fall Mrs. Robot suggested we needed another savings account that would be dedicated to catastrophic things. I'm not sure what she was imagining happening, but she went ahead and created one called "Zombie Account" in case there is a zombie breakout. So, when I log in to my bank account, I have one called "zombie account" now. But, holy moly. That is some lucky foreshadowing. We have a friggin' pandemic happening.

For my 2020 birthday we wanted to go somewhere. There were a few ideas thrown out and Japan was amongst them and also the most insane of the options.We somehow chose that one.I travel a lot. Or did. I traveled a lot.

See for yourself. But, I travel to easy places. There hasn't been anything that exotic.

But, Japan.

It was legit one of my most favorite trips and experiences ever and I'd like to go back sooner than later assuming the planet doesn't destroy humans.


Here are the points I seem to constantly bring up about this trip…

Not a single bad thing was eaten. I'm sure there are crap restaurants. We somehow didn't run into that or our palates are simple. I don't know.Fine dining. Train stations. Convenience stores. Ramen and noodle shops. Airports. Street food tours.Literally not a bad piece of food was had.

The cocktail scene in Japan was spectacular.

My life is divided into pre-japanese-Toto-toilets and post-japanese-Toto-toilets.It's all I can do to not hit the zombie fund and go buy one right now!

Feel free to peruse my FLICKR (you're on FLICKR… still?!) album.

Oh, Argentina
Funnily, my birthday travel ideas included Argentina. That was an option - to go hang out in BA. Then weirdly a trip via work came up to go to Buenos Aries (and it got confusing and complicated because the pandemic threw some wrenches into it) but Mrs. Robot and I ended going there for HER birthday. It was a fun time.We then came back to shelter in place / work from home life. I think we landed back in NYC on March 10th. I haven't left this 2 mile radius of my apartment since then.

Hope you are all healthy and as good as can be.


I live the idea of a zombie account and yes you should use it to buy a Toto toilet
»k (aka cootiegirl) ||  5/16/2020 ||  2:30:56 PM
I LEGIT do not need a reason to speak money on a life changing toilet.
But, if I do, you are all invited over to try it.
»:r ||  5/16/2020 ||  6:12:04 PM
i recently used the flickr community to help/give me courage to fix a 1970s Olympus trip. Fuck yahoo but long live flickr!
»slx.hctulk ||  5/16/2020 ||  8:04:50 PM
I have been trying to install the Japanese Toilet in my apt...
»chrisbug ||  5/17/2020 ||  12:56:19 AM

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