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road report
I N T E R V I E W   W I T H
E R I C   W H O   I S   O N   T O U R
W I T H    A   R O C K   B A N D


1. what was the last thing you ate?
a swiss cheese burger
oh, and chicken wings

2. did you sleep on a floor last night?

3. do you shower often?
well, I do

4. number of fights so far?
amazingly none

5. is the rock part going good?
sometimes yes, sometimes no, but usually we're the only ones who notice when it's not good best rockin' so far was Denver
Jason Lowenstein of Sebadoh said he wants my drums

6. prettiest city so far?
Lincoln NE is prettiest, but only because we stayed here long enough to see it and the weather's been beautiful

7. seen any boobies?
had a pair in my face last night
when the go-kart place was closed, we naturally opted instead for a titty bar
I was SO ready for some go-cart action, and the place had shut down

8. what is the drink of choice this tour?
i'm staying with whiskey, either on the rocks or my favorite jack & ginger
the rest of the guys are nothing but PBR and Bud
i'm sick of beer
cheap beer
beer beer beer

9. what do you miss most?
and girlfriend (fiance)
and both at once

oh, and being 'regular'

10. when you are drumming and your mind drifts, what do you usually think about?
usually I wonder about whether or not the expression on my face is a stupid one
as most drummers tend to have dumb expressions when they play

11. so you shaved your head and have a handlebar mustache... how's that working out for you?
i try to keep from biting my tongue
sadly the shaved head thing hasn't happened. We haven't had time!
but the stache thing, tho fun, will have to go, as it itches like crazy
i love the look in a novelty kind of way
it's 'fun' and all, but...
again, the itchiness thing

12. how's america doing? other than the obvious walmart or something? any themes that are the same where ever you go?
it's not spring yet ANYWHERE in this damn country
cold, grey and rainy everywhere
except for yesterday here in NE
today it was rainy at first but it's sunny again

2 words: road ass
2 more words: soft serv
nuff said

gas stations out west have the best junk on sale
horrible art
and i forgot about those oil pump things
seeing those infields, pumping away
i wonder
are they actually still puling oil up
or just desperately hoping for some
cos there'll be one pump all by itself in a HUGE field
slowly pumping away

I hope they are pumping up WINK
oh, one more thing
the Avocado flavored Lays chips are just Sour Cream n' Onion chips in disguise
there are basically only 2 base flavors for all chips
cheese and ranch
every other flavor is just a slight tweak of those two basic starting points

there are so many regional snacks out there that I'm sure people would like to be able to get in NYC

13. any parting words for the fans of the rock
When in Lincoln, be sure to check out the capitol building
Hitler was going to use it as his command center when he took control of Amierica
that aside, it's beautiful

alright, my ride is here, and by ride I mean stretch limo, and by stretch limo I mean crappy car


Holy Ghost will wrap up their tour by opening for Mike Watt at Mercury Lounge on Sunday
more info:

next dates:

Wednesday April 30
Chicago, IL

Thursday May 1
Ann Arbor, MI

Satruday May 3
Pittsburgh, PA

Sunday May 4
New York City, NY

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