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I like wine. Really a lot. Since I am frequently broke (a pre-requisite for living in Hawai`i, unless you're very wealthy..we have only a sliver of middle-class) I've often worked a couple of part time jobs in addition to a full time one in order to, lets say, ‘support my habits' (like eating).
My most recent p/t job is at a wine and fine foods store and my paycheck does not stand a chance of leaving intact.
I'd like to talk about wine a bit here on occasion, mostly the cheap wines I buy for myself and sometimes the wines I recommend to other ‘better funded' patrons. Hopefully the cheap (under $15) suggestions will not completely turn your stomachs or cause you to think I am a total alcoholic. Um...anyway...
Let's start!

About a month ago we got in a few of these funny looking Greek-ish lettering labels called Screw Kappa Napa. We carry their Chardonnay, Merlot and Pinot Noir. I liked the Chardonnay, which was surprising, because in general I stay away from them. I don't like over-the-top oak. I think the tropical notes won me over and I found it only mildly oak driven. Nice on a just-this-side-of-cold summer evening with some crackers or your other non-cracker friends.

I really liked the Pinot Noir. Light, conversational. It was good with a seared Ahi and friends but also a good choice for drinking on the back porch with a slice of pizza and Jon Stewart on the TV.

Next up: perhaps the Red Bicyclette?

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