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  wine *vs* Broken Heart
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Concannon 2003 Petite Syrah.
From the central coast region in the Livermore Valley. I treated this bottle badly. Kept it too cold, broke the cork in the bottle, ended up pushing it in when I tried to rescue it. Left it open in my fridge overnight (there's no food in there to make it taste weird). Fortunately I've had it before. And it is frequently on sale in my local market though recently downgraded from top shelf to bottom. Well, I've got another bottle here. It would have gone incredibly well with the wild venison scaloppini we had on Lana`i...roasted potatoes and a Madeira reduction. Oh yes...way better than the prime rib. But Lanai had a pretty poor wine selection. It is deep in berry tones and leaves a very dry mouth feeling. It is pretty good with lasagna too.

Yellowtail. Any year. Any grape. I did spend a bit of time tucking into the shiraz every night with my ex-boyfriend who was the same guy that Thomas Hayden Church played in Sideways. Same guy, ask anyone. Made the move difficult to watch at times. Anyway, I just cannot drink this any more. It makes me ill to look at the bottle. It is wine for people who don't know anything about wine.

And Broken Heart wins by a landslide.

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