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Favorite Things
· burdock root tea
· gingerbread
· Lucky Peach

Number of and names given me by the three men I have loved:4; Penny, Meeps, Snubbins the Princess Goose/ Lenny the Snubbins Goose (when I was in a bad mood).
Names I have used in fairy tales: Penny, Snubbins.
Number of songs about Penny and Snubbins: 15
Strings in tune on my guitar:0
Number of business size envelopes I stole from the Zoology Department to send my taxes to Fresno: 1
Number of times I have brought up my Chi in conversation: 0
Location of my Chi: no clue
Additional uses for a paperclip other than clipping paper: pipe cleaner, pokey thing
Ratio of times I would accept a cab ride to the times I would accept a bike ride (handlebars) from Alex (Taxi) and John Lydon, respectively: 1:1
Phone calls I will get on or around my birthday from men who have hurt me: 3.
Number of those calls I will answer: 0.
Days until birthday: few
Number of bikinis in my top drawer: 3.5
Catalogue I have no idea why I get in the mail: Pottery Barn Kids
Wines in my room awaiting review (empty bottles): 3
Day I will get around to writing the reviews: tomorrow, maybe
Hours spent at the beach today: 2.75

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