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  Where is the sleep?
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I'm now "dating someone" again. Not anybody or everybody but someone who I never even thought existed.

Somewhat unfortunately, it is really mind-blowingly great. But I can fall like this and end up someplace between my ruined hands and knees and smacking my forehead on the ground. Or the floor of the shower.

There are the basics...job, humor, car.
(Sorry, other applicants. You must be employed AND funny.)

We spent the weekend at his here-on-work condo on the North Shore of Oahu. Gawgeous...not the place itself (it was comically horribly decorated) but the fact that we made G+Ts and took them down to the beach and swam in the light of the moon, laughing. And we had great Thai food. And great, um... shopping, actually. It became kind of surreal.
And he made me a mix cd. That I love.
That's good, right?
We went to a late night showing of that sith movie. We stayed up talking until dawn.
He calls me "Low Overhead Evie" because I live with and need few amenities.
And just adores me.
But what about me is not to love? My brown oiled arms and legs. My intellect. My thoughts and dreams. My island life.

Did I mention he is here temporarily?

He said we are all just pieces of stars.

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