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  Holiday weekend
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Friday was Kamehameha Day so I had the day off...and took off work early, after arriving late, on Thursday. Perfect set up for a long weekend.

Today my surf break was rolling 5 foot sets with a nasty current pulling us out and over towards, jeezis, I dunno....Chile? The orange National Guard helicopters were out patrolling low, looking for tourists in distress. I even saw a guy flag down a jet ski Lifeguard for a ride in. "Too tired", he said. But still, me and E___ were out for over an hour in the glorious day. He even caught "the funnest wave of [his] life". Classic awesomeness.

I ran some errands and headed with my terribly arthritic dog for the North Shore, condo keys in hand.

Let me take a moment to tell you that I will refer to my dearest as Seattle, as that is where he is from and I can think of nothing else at the moment.

I took Seattle out for awesome Greek food on his birthday. Fish souvlaki, 2004 Chilean cabernet sauvignon, no corkage, great table. And then home to watch 1997's "House of Yes" with Parker Posey. Tori Spelling is in it as a skinny dumbass! And Freddie Prinze Jr.! And there's incest, too. Anyway, I highly recommend it, even though it's VHS only.

Hey..I've got to go...there's a Hall and Oates cover band on the local cable access channel. Private eyes, they're watching you....oh yeah.

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