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I am terribly upset about the London bombings.
My head is filled with ridiculous (?) conspiracy theories.
I spit in the direction of CNN "news" coverage.

I have a close colleague who spent time in London as a journalist (remember those?).
Here is what he wrote to me this morning:
So far only good personal news, though tragic for many others. London has been on bomb alert for decades thanks to the IRA, but this is the biggest yet and many will feel preventable had the British stayed out of Iraq. When I moved there in 1996 the city's financial district was surrounded by what they called the "Ring of Steel" - permanent checkpoints at every road leading into the area to prevent IRA bombings. Within a couple of weeks I had work at The Independent, and heard stories from people who were in the Cannery Wharf buliding (one of London's tallest, where The Independent is based) when a massive IRA bomb struck directly across the river and made the whole building wobble like it had been hit by an earthquake. Tube station closures for bomb scares were frequent and there are no trash cans anywhere in or near a tube station. The ones on the streets are made of solid steel. It was interesting to watch CNN this morning and the American media trying to point blame at the police and tube managers with the scant information they had. The finger should point all the back to Bush and his plan for war.

The future looks lit by the brightness of explosions.

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