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  Italy vs. Mr. New Zealand
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Oh, I love the Italian wines.
Tonight I picked up a bottle of Palagetto Chianti Colli Senesi 2003 and a bottle of Cusumano Insolia 2004.

The chianti was quite dry and a bit tight but ultimately enjoyable with my dinner of polenta and roasted eggplant (with olives, tomatoes, and roasted figs). Or it would've been if I'd eaten it instead of just looking at it. I would recommend it with some a really nice parmagianno reggiano. That'd make it killer. Or, like, let it breathe for a few hours. Heh. As if.

The Insolia is a great (cheapy) Italian white. Buttery, fresh, and bright. But where is my houseboy to pour it for me? Alas... Stu! Attend!

Mr. New Zealand has been calling me lately, to hang out. This week he had the Hess Select cab.
It's a table wine from California. I don't usually buy the cali wines unless I'm in a pinch. Too much money into marketing and all that. but Hell Yeah, I drank it (along with the Zardetto Proseco I brought along). It was, as expected, very California Cab. Reliable, easy

End result: Italian wines are more like the boyfriends that look better than they are and Mr. New Zealand, well, he can keep calling and I'll keep showing up.

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