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  There is something about disappointment
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When you parent(s) said:
"I'm just sooo disappointed in you."
How did you feel? Like you had killed a baby with a sharp stick or like you didn't care at all?
I had broken curfew but I couldn't say "well at least I'm not a pregnant A-student like ___".
I mean, who can say that?
Those days have passed (thankfully) but I wonder how I disappoint the people close to me.

Of course I disappoint them.
Don't we all?
(Is it a judgment reserved for parents?)

I am disappointed by men almost exclusively (except for the times I disappoint myself).
Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves.
Give them enough time and they will put on their clown suits.

But it goes for me too.

Here is my clown suit:
My clown suit has many pockets in which to hold bottles of beer, flasks, maybe a pack of smokes, and notes to myself.
My clown suit is made of dark green pleather (e-z clean-up).
My clown suit includes a dreadlock rainbow wig and a big machete.
The shoes for my clown suit are steel-toed and yellow with red stars stitched on.
I always carry a handkerchief.
The bags of popcorn and cotton candy are all stale.
I have a stuffed panda on a stick to distract you.
I have a binder of personalized apology forms.

The pocket closest to my heart has a well-worn, laminated, fold-out sign that say "I'm sorry".

Show me your clown suit.

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