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We got a deal on this at the wine store. CHA-HEEP!The distributor had to move it to make room for something else and WE got the deal, only...maybe it wasn't such a great deal. I'm really not sure.
My tastebuds are not operating at full capacity...might I be sick (a-fucking-gain)?

So, anyway, it's La Vieille Ferme "Lasira", an '02. "75% syrah, 25% grenache, and 0% oak". (stupid marketing)
Even considering my tastebud deficiency, it was totally watery. No finish. Just red and juicy. Ok, I'll give it "light tannins and a fruity nose". SFGATE describes the 2004 as "a classic southern French combination -- delivers flavors and aromas of red currant, raspberry, licorice and green pepper with floral notes", but perhaps the 2002 was not such a good year. Either that or, Where is my palate?
Hell, what can I expect for $5.99 and my employee discount.
See what I mean? Cheap.

Yet to be tried is the Theo Minges Pfalz 2004 Riesling Haltbrocken. We tasted the '02 several weeks ago and I recall it being grassy. Also not a super good match for carnitas but it got us through the slow day. I don't know why we tasted the '02 and got the '04 but that's none of my business. The great thing about this Riesling is that it comes in a 1L bottle, not the usual 750 ml. I'll let you know.

And now, the update:
This weekend I went to a University of Hawaii baseball game with some friends (and their kids). It was Mr. New Zealand's first-ever live baseball game and fortunately HI beat USC nicely. Fun, edamame, popcorn, and garlic fries were had by all (not to mention those 32 oz. Heinekens).

Does it seem like I'm typing a lot considering I just had a wrist operation? Maybe. I got the clean bill o'health on Friday and can now shower and brush my hair like others (with my right hand), though by the end of the day it hurts like mad.

If you made it this far (doubtful) I'd also like some ideas of things to do during my days when I am in the NYC, circa. end of March. I've got a list but it helps to have alternatives. And I'd like to know your favorite NYC activities. I figure everyone will be at work most of the time anyway , but hopefully some of us can get together for drinks at some point...heh.
Anyone free for lunch?

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