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Sunday is the day I treat myself to delightful food and wine.
This week:

Chianti Colli Senesi 2003
A lovely Chianti. This one screams BARGAIN. Everyone at work is buying it and recommending it. Lots of cherry and raspberry fruit in the nose, those same notes with spice and tobacco in the glass. Lots of swell drinking. If it was a guy...he would play fun-to-sing 70s songs on the guitar and also know how to make a good puttanesca.

Johnny Walker Blue
For some reason (many gods love us!) one of our distributors gave us a bottle to ‘taste'. Now, at the wine store, the Sunday crew is kind of left to their own devices. No managers or protocol or anything like that. We do what we like. So we helped ourselves to this $200+ bottle of spirit, naturally, without permission. It paired nicely with the pecan pie Jan brought in (for dessert after her lovely panzanella salad). But you know what?...I am not totally nuts about peat, and this stuff (while not as peaty as some highlands stuff) was pretty peaty. Not undrinkable, though. I'm glad I didn't save up for it. FYI, the bottle is a lovely shade of very light blue.

The other thing I got today was a jar of $10 tomatoes. I know. It's ridiculous. They are partially sun-dried (bringing out a concentrated sweetness) but not totally leathery. Packed in oil with simple spices – garlic, oregano - they made an awesome sandwich on a fresh baguette with a little fontina. Add some nice olives and I was practically comatose with the wonderfulness of it all.
Just what I need, another vice.

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