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I rarely travel with a companion. Partly because of this airports become places for solitary contemplation, a destination purgatory that allows for shamelessly long spells of reading and general spacing out. I become irritated by too much travel small talk. I am very fond of general spacing out. So I don't mind airports or long layovers. Long flights I'm not crazy about, but going anywhere from Hawaii automatically assigns you a flight that exceeds 3 hours. Stupid paradise.

Last week I was in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina, childhood hometown of a robot or two. I was checking out a school west of there, deep in the mountains. I think the interviews went well, aside from exploring a difference of opinion with a faculty member over the costs and benefits of tourism as a regional economic engine. We had nothing in common, she and I. But anyway.

The flight between HNL and ATL(anta) is about 9 hours. Then add the short regional flight to Asheville. Total Trip Time: 12.5 hours.
The headwind makes the return flight longer. I flew back to HI on Thursday.
I used to consider 12-13 hours a long time to be in transit.

This Saturday I fly to Rome, Italy.
Rome, Italy.
Rome, Italy.
Rome, Italy.

It takes a long time to get there from here.

A wonderful and beautiful Brian Eno Album.

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