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  Ciao, Roma!
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We have been in Rome for 3 days and it was only last night that I found the network cable to hook us up to the interents. At last.

Vatican: done
St. Peter's Basilica: done
Campo de Fiore market: yes
Coliseum: done (twice)
Forum: done
A bunch of Palazzos: yep
Obelisks: uh huh.
Pantheon: You take pictures I'll be over there.
espresso: that'll get me to the next palazzo.
Galleria Borghese: Oh My God wow.
Trevi fountain: pretty. Want some gelato?
Spanish Steps: oh good grief it's covered with drunk Teens on Tour. Why is that guy selling Bob Marley posters? Hey that guy is selling beers...oh, we're leaving? Are we going to eat something?

I find myself experiencing historical time warps because history is all over the place. I read the interpretive signs and scoff if something is built as recent as the 1700s.

Today we went on a day trip to Tivoli to see the Villa Gregoriana and Villa D'Este. Both of these places are under-represented in the guide books we have. Vila Gregoriana dates back to 100 A.D. I posted some pics here.
But Don is a better photographer than I am so look at some of his here.

This is my last night in Rome.

Tomorrow it is back to internets blackout at the farmhouse in Tuscany.

Having a wonderful time. Wish you were here.

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