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The same thing (a box of instant Chicken Noodle Soup) imagined twice.

Issue: One box of instant chicken noodle soup

I thought
this is depressing by itself...
and then I noticed that on the back is a little maze game for kids.
Then I got sad that kids would be eating instant chicken noodle soup
because that is just depressing.
Then I saw that on the maze it says: "Fly through the maze until you get to the butterfly's heart. She can't wait to meet you."
and All I could see was a lonely little kid at a table
making himself dinner of instant soup with saltines
and looking forward to meeting the butterfly on the box
because that would be the one bright spot in his day.

And that is how I can effectively depress myself.

But one can also consider this:

A mother is pleading with her child to eat, something, anything, and finds a box of instant chicken noodle soup. Child has never eaten this food, but is inclined to eat it because it has a maze on the back that leads to the butterfly's heart, which has some crude, cute appeal to the difficult eater.  Child eats soup, is happier b/c she's eaten the soup, does maze and all are momentarily contented.

I can't decide.

So, for the moment, I am between depressions.

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