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  I'm in yr textbook, influ3ncing yr kidz.
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I was interviewed today, on camera, with lights and a background of books and artfully placed snail shells. We also spent hours in the lab looking at and talking about snails. The film crew was really nice and encouraging; I did my best to make things sound exciting and action packed here in Snailtown.

Now that everyone is gone and things are back to normal (i.e. I am sitting at my desk listening to the Red Sox game), I’m thinking about the immensity of the project I just participated in.

The interview was for a 9th grade science textbook put out by Pearson - Prentice Hall, who has, I have heard, a 55% market share of the nation’s 9th grade biology textbooks. For each chapter there will be a fun little case study video clip to reinforce the concepts presented; in my case, the chapter focuses on the evolution of populations. It will cover concepts like speciation, endemism, diversity and genetic drift. Will tree snails make that more interesting?
I don’t know, but somebody is convinced.

I’m going to be in a textbook.
Oh my.

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