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  Five Days
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I’ve been in NYC for five days and whatever it is about this place, it always makes me feel like I’m going to spontaneously combust.

A few items of note from my recent adventure:
I can say with confidence that I have spent more time in Central Park than I have sleeping.
I’ve seen cormorants and cardoons but no cats. (Are there no feral cats in NYC?)

McCarren Park Pool is a really amazing structure. You guys probably already know all about it. Oh yeah and Wilco played there on Wednesday night. I’d never seen them live and pretty much planned the whole month of August around being here for the show because sometimes I am like that. “Being There” was one of those albums that
a. made a huge impact on
b. coincided with many important changes in
my life, depending on how you look at it. Maybe both. So anyway. I was thrilled to go and Mr. and Mrs. Robot made it even better by sneaking me into the vip section with the snacks, drinks, Serge, and gift bags. (Hi Serge! me..).

Part of my Central Park experience was spending a day with naturalist and keeper of the Central Park Bird Book, Sarah Elliot; a meeting arranged by a friend of mine (and excellent nature photographer) with whom I spent the bulk of my NYC time. Sarah is a brilliant and sassy woman in her 70s who has forgotten more about plants and insects and birds that I can ever hope to know; it was a real privilege to look for dragonflies and butterflies (and snails and bugs and birds and ferns) with her. I am so thrilled that she liked me…she even wants to be penpals. (I can’t believe she thinks I am that cool.) Also, and maybe because we met early the morning after the Wilco show, she kicked my ass all over Central Park and the Conservatory Garden. After 6 hours of walking I was almost ready to beg for mercy.

Another favorite part of this NYC trip was the weather. The thunder and lightning was a real treat and the monsoon-like storms made it feel like home and reminded me that I’m not returning to Hawai`i any time soon. Oh well.

The wild card? Meeting the Real John Lawton for sushi with peanut butter. It totally works.

Anyway, thanks to all for the good time. I’ve got to make a train this afternoon but I’ll be back soon. Maybe the Sonic Youth concert at the pool?

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