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  the great flood
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How best to explain the last 5 days?
How to explain the exorcist-esque flood of bilge that expelled itself from the sink in my new flat at a rate akin to that of a rat accessing unlimited crack?
Is it appropriate to mention the debris? In the regurgitated liquid?
It was greenish and leafy, leading me to believe that someone had vomited in the sink at some point.

Then there is the fact that for the first day and a half,  the mysterious liquid was only being produced at a rate of 3 small trash cans/45 minutes- 1 hour, which kept me up all night, vigilant, with the checking and the bailing.Yet the second day saw a significant increase in rate and frequency of expelled liquid the climax of which was, eventually and wholly unexpectedly, a freshly showered woman watching her flat fill with bilge water. Wearing a towel, holding a small trash can, standing in front of the vomiting sink, literally vibrating with anxiety and hate and sadness that all was not as it was supposed to be and, indeed, it was all much worse than she could have imagined.

This passed, of course.

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