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  I cringe for you.
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I think of cringing as the emotion that immediately precedes the hot shame of public humiliation. It is also an emotion that can accompany reflection on particularly icky moments of one's life.
My own life experience has allowed me to develop an in depth knowledge of embarrassment and the accompanying emotions. I can become embarrassed for someone even when they themselves are not embarrassed. I can even feel embarrassed for people who happen to watch me do something embarrassing.

I’m a kind of Patron Saint of Cringe.

So when you are walking around with toilet paper stuck to your shoe, know that I am sitting at that table across the room cringing for you. When you have tucked your skirt into your tights and your ass is showing, I am there. When you get to the meeting late but walk into the glass conference room wall, know me.

So, if you find that you hit a spell of cringe-worthy activities and are the type of person who finds that a set of words can be enough to snap you out of it, then might I recommend something like this:

Oh Sweet Goddess of Cringe
Please remove all cringey moments from my day
That this burden may fall to others
Who I will in turn cringe for.

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