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  To Pope: Who does your graphics?
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When I was in Italy in 2007, my friend and I took a day to visit Vatican City, home of the Cardinals (Go Cardinals!) and the Pope. In 2007 people were still getting used to the new Pope, since everyone loved the old one so much and the new one, well, he has kind of a creepy look. When the Pope is in V.C. he holds Sunday mass at St.Peter’s Basilica which is just down the street from his house (The Vatican) and holds something like 60,000 people. People even fill the square outside the church waiting to be blessed.

I had kind of a revelation as we were walking around the church and the square: Ok, obviously an organization as monstrous as the Catholic church has a graphics department, but like, do they have an account at Kinko’s? And are disenchanted Vatican City kids working there and stealing office supplies? How universal are these truths?

Outside of St. Peter’s there was a banner, an ENORMOUS banner, a photo really, of the old Pope and the guy who would be the new Pope and they are in a sort of manly embrace.  It still makes me laugh, just to think about it. I bought a magnet with the picture on it and I laugh every time I look at it.
It's not just the picture; it is the (obvious) words being spoken; a private moment between two men aware of the coming transfer of power and influence.

"Give me your hat."

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