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Last names. Everybody I know has at least one. I have lived in a few different time zones and I like how the variety of last names changes from place to place, how some are more common in one place or another. I more or less lived out my public school years in Rhode Island so became somewhat accustomed to Yankee, Portuguese, and- by virtue of my secret life- Italian names. Then I moved to the South, then Hawaii, then London, and, for reasons I question daily, back here to Rhode Island. Every place is it’s own little melting pot of cultures and last names. Charming, no?

I wouldn’t go so far as to call Rhode Island culturally diverse but it is not the homogenized cream cheese spread I used to think it was. This has been revealed to me through the fabulous industry of customer service, specifically when I am taking customer information and trying to spell last names. It’s not the old Yankee names that I have trouble with (Edwards, Case, Wilbur) but the names that look one way and sound another just kill me. And the fact that people look at me like I SHOULD know how to spell their last name after they say it, something which I would never assume, especially if my name was something crazy like Tee Bow (Thiebault), or Too Me (Twomey). Maybe it’s the clientele (I mean, I’m sure it’s the clientele)- but I promised myself I wouldn’t complain about them.

I will figure the names out sooner or later; after all I got pretty good at Hawaiian names and punctuation after a few years (Kamakawiwo’ole anyone?) and in the meantime I just ask them to spell their name and try not to let too much sass creep into my voice. …which leads me to this other thing I’ve been thinking about and that makes me chuckle to myself.

Things that mothers with babies and/or toddlers have in common with Rock Stars and other Hollywood Types

Often late
Cancel/ change appointments
Cameras everywhere

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