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› Sunday 4/3/2005
Learning to Fall:  baking spell.
Film and Television Rights:  Self-Portrait as Prometheus, Detained
Adult Content:  Chomp! For Women
Adult Content:  Skipping The Shark
Adult Content:  Talk About Niche Obsessions
› Monday 4/4/2005
Film and Television Rights:  4/4/2005 9:40:38 AM
elanamatic:  Makeout Summit 2005
Sunshine Jen:  Point Mugu In Bloom
Adult Content:  Those Crazy Teens
Adult Content:  Did He Give Them The Good Stuff or Just Some Boone's Farm?
Learning to Fall:  coat hanger.
Tropical Depression:  Trees!
› Tuesday 4/5/2005
Film and Television Rights:  4/5/2005 9:36:35 AM
Pony:  spring clean
Art Colony:  Woo hoo!
Adult Content:  Vlog is Not That Goth Kid Next Door
Adult Content:  Phone Slut Diary
Learning to Fall:  trombone lessons.
Solstice:  A Toss Up
Robot Journal:  All plantains all the time
› Wednesday 4/6/2005
Post-Modern Drunkard:  the world is puddle-wonderful
Tropical Depression:  finally. More wine.
Film and Television Rights:  +
Art Colony:  goin' on a big adventure, and they don't know what's in store
Pony:  bikes and baby rib flat bottoms
Learning to Fall:  gone game.
Adult Content:  Carolina Roller Girls This Sunday
Adult Content:  have to straighten
› Thursday 4/7/2005
Art Colony:  loopy
Film and Television Rights:  Litter
The Wrong Squid:  Bee-gina!
Pony:  email
Lisa Says:  last day!
elanamatic:  Big Spender
Adult Content:  Reminder
Adult Content:  Brad Bono Bond For One
Adult Content:  A Horse Is A Horse?
Learning to Fall:  loss.
› Friday 4/8/2005
Cootie Girl:  I need help from a higher power than Tim on this one
Road Dust:  All FFFFs
Solstice:  a kind of mood
Art Colony:  missing spinoza
Film and Television Rights:  Morning and Evening
elanamatic:  Dear dear
Learning to Fall:  no quarter.
Sunshine Jen:  Thirty Odd Foot of Grunts
Art Colony:  Polish Grocer
Pony:  waaaaa
Adult Content:  Jacko Goes Down
Adult Content:  Cops Trying To Finger Chili Lady
Adult Content:  Hall & Oates!
› Saturday 4/9/2005
Tropical Depression:  Taxes? Not done yet.
Art Colony:  goals!
Film and Television Rights:  Love Poem with Irony
Adult Content:  Stuck in Rehab with Pat O'Brien
Road Dust:  I was Cleaning the Bathroom

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