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› Sunday 5/1/2005
Cootie Girl:  a productive weekend
Learning to Fall:  I was.
Art Colony:  the forecast
Solstice:  I don't tell you everything
Solstice:  The Word That Dare Not Speak Its Name
› Monday 5/2/2005
elanamatic:  Have you ever?
Learning to Fall:  when
Cootie Girl:  field trip (part I)
Solstice:  Again with the nothing
Robot Journal:  Wine Club #11: Argentina & Chile
› Tuesday 5/3/2005
Tropical Depression:  Kona winds...
Post-Modern Drunkard:  Stocking up on drano and paper towels
Nutshell Kingdom:  My Oppression
Pony:  roasted beet salad
Learning to Fall:  that was.
Adult Content:  When Memories Attack
Art Colony:  Hedwig, i need your guidance
Gator Country:  sticking it to the man hubba bubba style
Solstice:  Another
Solstice:  A few hundred words before a bath
Cootie Girl:  field trip (part II)
› Wednesday 5/4/2005
Learning to Fall:  on his ranch.
Nutshell Kingdom:  A Little Attention Please...?
Pony:  Saturday Night/Sunday Morning
Ornithopter:  Dear Katie
elanamatic:  wine me, dine me.
Art Colony:  things i want to be happy about
Solstice:  ADDENDUM to a few hundred words
› Thursday 5/5/2005
Art Colony:  Goldfinger...the man with the Midas touch...
Poop Beetle:  Thank you lawn fairy!
Nutshell Kingdom:  The District
Pony:  That's what I'm talkin' about
Robot Journal:  You've got to know where your towel is.
Learning to Fall:  our father.
Lisa Says:  21 inches of odd grunt
Poop Beetle:  my father had a lawn fairy, too
Solstice:  a bit of utne
Solstice:  making love out of nothing at all
› Friday 5/6/2005
Road Dust:  The Quest for DNA
Learning to Fall:  hired.
Art Colony:  when are we touring the Whiskey distillery?
Sunshine Jen:  555
Pony:  Vin Diesel knows where the beef is
Cootie Girl:  So Fucking AWESOME!
elanamatic:  Ealier today
› Saturday 5/7/2005
Learning to Fall:  and he.
Art Colony:  the unique sense of the quirky
Robot Journal:  Dude, I am totally blogging this!!

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