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› Sunday 5/8/2005
Tropical Depression:  Oh, right...wine.
Poop Beetle:  greatgrandmothers, grandmothers, mothers, etc.
Art Colony:  finding a new way to pass the time
Pony:  The comeback:
Solstice:  henry miller longings
Robot Journal:  Her last Mothers Day
› Monday 5/9/2005
Learning to Fall:  uncle Jacob.
Lisa Says:  my first mother's day
Nutshell Kingdom:  Subtle, Then Loud (I am not a bag of peanuts)
Pony:  Just nice, you know?
Art Colony:  there's something to be said for being adorable
Solstice:  Primal Player #5
Solstice:  Quit
› Tuesday 5/10/2005
Cootie Girl:  65 types of potatoes
Road Dust:  Waiting to Walk
Nutshell Kingdom:  What I Want Out of A Tuesday Morning
Pony:  Monday night dinner redux
Sunshine Jen:  Made Up Conversation From A Party In An Art Gallery
Art Colony:  3 (ex)hams will kill him!
Solstice:  Apply strike while iron is hot
› Wednesday 5/11/2005
Nutshell Kingdom:  When I Was Your Girlfriend
Art Colony:  just got done with 1st exam! now on to #2...
Nutshell Kingdom:  Please Remember to Tip Your Poet!
Gator Country:  Th' expense of spirit in a waste of shame is lust in action
elanamatic:  When I grow up
Pony:  nature, nurture, ole!
Gator Country:  keep a tight grip on your fantasies
Solstice:  the Primal Players Return Again!
› Thursday 5/12/2005
Road Dust:  fair trade act
Tropical Depression:  I heart my job.
Nutshell Kingdom:  That Kansas Moon
Art Colony:  without my pirin tablets, I'm finished
Gator Country:  last night jill sobule told me to tell you this:
Nutshell Kingdom:  Maine Motorcycle Rescue Unit
Sunshine Jen:  Meeting Alan Alda
Adult Content:  Stalking The Lizard
Cootie Girl:  a bad thing / a good thing
Solstice:  She doesn't know that I left my urge in the icebox
› Friday 5/13/2005
Gator Country:  what i want
Tropical Depression:  In Vain
Nutshell Kingdom:  Confession
elanamatic:  Next time
Art Colony:  the b*tches at the front desk
Nutshell Kingdom:  Second Confession
Pony:  reflections on the schoolyear
Lisa Says:  when rock stars were babies
Gator Country:  finally, i have found a way to get my dogs to stop barking at me
Pony:  Hey Ho And Away We Go
Poop Beetle:  Re: Lisa's Rockin' Roll Baby
› Saturday 5/14/2005
Art Colony:  the must-see movie of the year
elanamatic:  Relish
Robot Journal:  Rest in peace grams

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