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› Sunday 6/5/2005
Poop Beetle:  themes are the NEW Favorites
Learning to Fall:  police men.
Solstice:  everybody hit the ground
Solstice:  Good Times for a Change
Solstice:  Jump versus Fall
Solstice:  some more crap
› Monday 6/6/2005
Art Colony:  sseeeeuuhh keeeuuuhl!
Nutshell Kingdom:  Long Walk, Short Pier
Pony:  Free trade changed everything!
Robot Journal:  No Babies at the Lesbian Wedding!
Sunshine Jen:  The Ballad of the Venus Flytrap
Nutshell Kingdom:  Life is Good; in a Nutshell
Art Colony:  drumroll....presenting photos!
Solstice:  Saying it and Doing it
Solstice:  Reign On
Solstice:  Scruples and Identity
Learning to Fall:  interrogation time.
Tropical Depression:  just a quick list
Gator Country:  from bertrand russell to you
Nutshell Kingdom:  Tonight
› Tuesday 6/7/2005
Road Dust:  Extra Injury
Pony:  Hello Summer
Art Colony:  (a)musings
Learning to Fall:  more feen.
elanamatic:  Summer Magic
Gator Country:  "there's a pretty good percentage of the time, force has to be used"
› Wednesday 6/8/2005
Learning to Fall:  the thinker.
Art Colony:  screwing up and other things
Film and Television Rights:  Notes on Living Happily in the City
Pony:  Really big peony
Film and Television Rights:  Speaking of the Internets
Cootie Girl:  R.I.P. WCBS fm
Pony:  Guess Which Patio:
Post-Modern Drunkard:  Why do I have this feeling of impending doom?
Upgrown and Overblown:  Third Degree Yearn
Sunshine Jen:  Blue Toes Blues
Poop Beetle:  What i like about my sister's new husband to be
› Thursday 6/9/2005
Cootie Girl:  gone for 4 days and look what happens
Pony:  Great news
Nutshell Kingdom:  Truth or Consequences
Art Colony:  how about that shit?
Ornithopter:  Erection Man Saves The Day
Solstice:  Nearing
› Friday 6/10/2005
Solstice:  knowing
Solstice:  Quick and Dirty + Charming
Robot Journal:  White. Not White. White. Not White.
Nutshell Kingdom:  Welcoming Committee...?
Art Colony:  Glace, Glace Enfant
Film and Television Rights:  Random Mistaken Encounter #1 (June 2003)
Sunshine Jen:  Have a Great Time at Camp
› Saturday 6/11/2005
Poop Beetle:  There's a Smell in Box 134
Tropical Depression:  Holiday weekend
Solstice:  A Vagina. A Brain. vs. You're evil when you're with me...
Art Colony:  now that i can think...
Poop Beetle:  wedding preparations

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